April 19th     6:29 pm

I wanna cry don’t even flirt with me by being jokingly mean that’s such a turn off and it just makes me sad not riled up and horny like boys probably think

April 19th     6:25 pm

April 19th     6:21 pm

I ran out of tequila

April 19th     6:18 pm

I went to the gym but I’m still angry to the point of nausea hmm what to do! Gosh

April 19th     4:38 pm

I’m so mad lmao

April 19th     4:20 pm

I’m going to fucking kill all boys for being difficult

April 19th     3:45 pm

I’m making mistakes that I’m aware of because I need this…for personal growth.. It’s not a lack of self control I’m just young

April 19th     3:44 pm

I love being overly affectionate and mushy lame to my girl friends let ur friends know u appreciate them a heck of a lot

April 19th     3:43 pm

I’m jk because my butt is pretty phat fat and I took a great pic but I don’t wanna post it or send it to anyone

April 19th     3:41 pm

[picture of my butt with the caption “white girl angles”]

April 19th     3:37 pm

Holographic toenails

April 19th     1:31 pm

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April 19th     1:04 pm

Tbh I feel obligated 2 do something that I thought I really wanted and now idek if I do

April 19th     1:03 pm


Amazing Face-Paintings Transform Models Into The 2D Works Of Famous Artists

by  Valeriya Kutsan

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April 19th     12:56 pm

I could have gone my whole entire fucking life without needing to see much less know that people stretch their cheek dimple piercings