April 22nd     12:39 am

before and after


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April 22nd     12:30 am

u wanna date me bc i have extremely flat corneas ;;;;-)

April 22nd     12:29 am

#rare virusexe-esque pic of me sporting a ponytail

#rare virusexe-esque pic of me sporting a ponytail

April 21st     11:56 pm

im sitting in my common room trying to do this paper with earphones in and loud music but i still hear the bed banging against the wall bc my suitemate’s w her bf and i want to be dead even more

April 21st     11:44 pm

third times the charm right? i should delete his contact and inbox for the third time? it might be the fourth actually but im only counting this month

April 21st     11:43 pm

the worst thing i ever did in my life was like an indie frat bro 

April 21st     11:28 pm

I came back from the library because my outfit was too swaggy and uncomfortable to write a paper in and it was 499 degrees so I wanted to change but then I was like whatever I’m not going back now! so im sitting in the common room and I wish I were dead I wish I were dead!!!!!!!

April 21st     11:16 pm

April 21st     10:19 pm

There is a cute nerdy boy scrambling around in the library and I swear a couple hours ago his converse high tops were red and now they’re black

April 21st     9:47 pm


this trend has pretty much passed but u know the “weaponized femininity”  (i.e. I’LL WEAR RED LIPSTICK AND STEAL UR MAN) ……thing basically implies that in order to feel empowered as a woman or feminine being, you have to ‘steal’ another woman’s partner, in order to prove your ‘sexual prowess’ or attractiveness or whatever is greater than theirs. which is…THE OPPOSITE OF FEMINISM OR EMPOWERMENT

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April 21st     9:31 pm

I’m mad that I get caught up in the excitement and false hope that people who don’t fully know what I’m dealing with instill in me and how desperately I delude myself into thinking things are different than they are that I end up doing really stupid shit against my better but clouded judgement

April 21st     9:28 pm

The girl that has a crush on me didn’t sit next to me in the lib and I’m sad abt it

April 21st     9:14 pm

fileformat I just wanna be a part of ur family

April 21st     9:09 pm

How come Jose Gonzales isn’t my bf

April 21st     8:50 pm

Growing up is feeling bad asking ur dad to wire u money even though you’ve had 3 dollars in your account for the last two weeks