April 15th     2:21 pm

April 15th     2:14 pm

I met with my creative writing professor from last semester (that I love) for her to look over stuff I wanna include in my portfolio and I love her so much she’s such a great smart beautiful person and we were talking about nonfiction and came to the conclusion that you shouldn’t write personal essays to be read aloud about topics that you wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about outside of the reading setting like lunch, and how there should be more to your essay than just sadness you know like there has to be a point you’re getting at other than it being therapeutic to talk about. Not that someone can’t write about it but you shouldn’t expect your audience to be your therapist. Anyway I wholeheartedly agree with that, it’s like if you wrote about trauma let the reader or listener know you as a person separate from the event and sadness as well. And she told me I have nothing to worry about with my work and I’m just really happy now

April 15th     12:17 pm

omg i know im in denial about something and it’s so weird how brains work because im conscious of it but i can force myself not to even dip my toes in the water like you know when youre sitting at the edge of a pool and you sort of skim the sole of your foot on the water but don’t let your foot go in? that’s what it’s like i can just let these thoughts glide past the one central thought i “don’t” want to focus on but actually do

April 15th     10:51 am

Body image is so weird I feel fatter than I was in November but I guess that’s wrong

April 15th     10:47 am

ayy weigh 5 pounds less than i thought

April 15th     10:14 am

*only makes appointment with counselor when im sad about boys not when my psychiatrist tells me to*

April 15th     10:10 am

at least I’m happier w my body it’s looking better

April 15th     10:07 am

i hope i dont cry 2day im literally such a freak

April 15th     10:01 am

i thought the reason for my overthinking was that i didnt have other things to distract me but i have so many things. so many things and i cant focus on them bc of this lmao

April 15th     10:00 am


"Won’t You Come Over" - Devendra Banhart

April 15th     9:55 am


Kimya Dawson "Loose Lips"

April 15th     9:52 am

i like humid spring because my hair is frizzy but in a sexy way imo but then i go to sleep and wake up with it matted from sweat or condensation or something 

April 15th     9:51 am

our springfest is hilarious the bands that are playing are very middle school throwback vibes aka exactly what i want

April 15th     9:41 am

like im never ordering from american apparel again i cant deal with them randomly charging me for shit and then their customer service hotline isnt fucking open during the hours it’s supposed to be like fuck this 

April 15th     9:32 am

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