April 21st     4:26 pm

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April 21st     3:56 pm

Okay I’ve been in the library for two hours and I’ve literally written two sentences I have no self control fuck me

April 21st     3:54 pm

Beyoncé's New Album Is Not As Feminist As the Media Is Making It Out to Be

this is truly the most infuriating article

April 21st     3:28 pm

In this one article this author is saying how Beyoncé isn’t as feminist as she claims despite her short essay on feminism because “Katy perry collaborated with more females for her album” ummmm did Katy perry not outright make a statement saying she’s not a feminist???????????¿¿!¿

April 21st     3:25 pm

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April 21st     3:25 pm

I’m so mad and disgusted at the contrasting language used in a huff post article praising Miley and one that is being patronizing toward Nicki Minaj for pretty much the same thing

April 21st     3:07 pm

Me @ me: wifey material

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April 21st     2:40 pm

everyone is staring at me in wonder 2day because i wore my disco pants during the day to my classes

April 21st     2:27 pm


white girl: you idiot i wanna hold your stupid hand and kiss your dumb face

me: bitch what u say to me

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April 21st     2:19 pm


i only go to macys for one thing: their water. where else can you buy room tempature water sitting on a counter for 4 dollars? literally nowhere else

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April 21st     1:12 pm

kelisjerkribs thank u for this!! I don’t really have any experience but it doesn’t hurt to apply anyway I guess lol

April 21st     1:11 pm

Look at the pup calendar behind me

Look at the pup calendar behind me

April 21st     12:51 pm

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April 21st     9:06 am

Can I wear black disco pants to class if it’s with like a tshirt or something plain